We’ve been entrusted with the life-changing, culture-shaping message of the gospel. What will we do with it?

As his church, God has entrusted us with the truth of his gospel and sent us into a rapidly growing community as his ambassadors. It is not by accident that God has placed us here. It for his purpose. We want to make as many mature disciples as possible. Entrusted & Sent is a new initiative that will expand Providence’s reach and provide the groundwork for us to launch three new churches, send ten new missionaries, and increase our community groups three-fold over the next decade.

Providence is positioned in one of the fastest growing communities in the United States.

Current Population of Frisco


Annual Growth Rate


Growth since 2000


Foreign-Born Population

The Vision: The Next 10 Years

Moving into the next decade, we want to see the reach of Providence Church grow exponentially as more of our own people live on mission in their workplaces, neighborhoods, and schools.

New Churches Planted

New Missionaries Sent

New community groups

Weekly Attenders

The nations are coming to us.

More people are moving within our reach.

But we face serious limitations in our ability to influence them.

Roughly 1,000 men, women, and children come through our doors each Sunday, with new guests arriving for the first time each week. Our current facility has been stretched to its breaking point.

We are holding three services a week. Our students lack a dedicated gathering space and our kid’s area is inadequate to meet the growing needs of our families. 

The Plan

A key piece of this vision is the expansion of our current facilities, making full use of the 10 acres God has provided to us. This includes:

A New Worship Center & COMMONS

The key feature of our expanded facilities will be a new worship center with capacity to seat roughly 750 people and the ability to expand one day to 1,200. In addition to making room for more individuals on Sundays, the adjacent commons area will provide much needed gathering space for people between services and during mid-week events.

Expanded Children’s Space

As more families arrive each week, the expansion will add additional classrooms and gathering spots for kids in a safe, secure area of their own.

A New Area Dedicated for Students

By repurposing the current worship center, we will be able to provide our students with a dedicated area of their own for the first time. This will allow more space for gatherings, events, and small groups.

The New Testament in a new Language

As we commit ourselves to reaching more people at home, we’re also committed to spreading the gospel among unreached people groups. A portion of the funds invested will allow us to partner with IllumiNations to complete a translation of the New Testament in another language.

Get Involved

Since 2005, God has used Providence to plant multiple churches and send missionaries all over the globe, all while reaching our own cities with the life-changing message of the gospel. Now is the time to invest in the next chapter of ministry.

Make a One-Time Gift

We invite you to make a one-time sacrificial gift that will help jump-start this initiative and help Providence take its first steps toward the new vision.

Make A Commitment

In addition to your one-time gift, we encourage you to prayerfully consider an 18-month financial commitment to be given over and above your regular offerings.

Josh & Nichole Richard

“When I grew up, I didn’t have a church environment like this. Seeing our kids be able to have experiences like this — these are foundational elements of their upbringing that are exciting and encouraging to me.” – Josh

Parker & Janet Hamilton

When Parker and Janet began their search for a new church home, they wanted a place that matched the culture they were trying to instill in their family.

Dillon & Kari Gussis

“The beauty of the GO Teams is that when you’re in a conversation with anybody in your everyday life, it creates and sets in the forefront of your mind the idea of getting to the gospel.” – Dillon

Jeff & Shelley Burley

When Jeff and Shelley moved to the area, they were looking for a church to call home. At Providence, they discovered a place where biblical depth and rich community met.